Winter Wonder :)

I often wonder about the greatness of nature… and now that I am surrounded by the white blanket of the Alps on the French border I wonder how can the mountains be so still yet so full of life?  

I am currently working with Spa Diane Barriere, Les Neiges, Courchevel and next door to the spa is a ski shop which opens out directly onto the mountain.. so you can pick up your skis and march directly out onto the slope !..the shop is buzzing with life, little children and pro skiers bustling to and fro in full gear.. dynamism to the max !  To stand there in my hotel attire, watching skiers and snow boarders whizz by me is a sheer delight!


At night, when the temperature drops, the stillness becomes even more apparent, feeling and hearing my own breath under the neck muffler, hearing the crunch of the icy snow beneath my boots whilst the mountains silently witness my every move…..

To my surprise one evening, I was taking a walk and heard the loud bang of fireworks.. and there at the base of the mountain while ski lifts moved to greater heights, the luminous display of fireworks filled the night sky….  it was simply magical… once again I was reminded of wondrous activity and stillness…. and when the grand finale of firework bang was over, the silence was profound…


What will the days ahead bring ?  What  discoveries are to be made ? I wonder.. This winter wonderland although much less altitude then the Himalayan range is making the spirit soar to greater heights !  With Love & Gratitude,  B 🙂


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