What does Yoga mean to me?

I wonder, what does Yoga mean to me?

Is it the ability to set myself free?

It’s true in each moment I can choose to celebrate

I can stop action and meditate

I know when I do this my spirit feels light

and when I engage in the world things feel right

but still sometimes in the middle of the night I wake and I feel pain

despite lightness of being, pain comes again?

I look to the skies and heavens above

and the answer comes…Yoga is LOVE,

For without pain and no sleep and a little cry

I would  not have deeply wondered why oh why?

And remind myself that Love is our very existence

And there is no end to patience and persistence…

The patience to listen and understand

to be there and holds someones hand

The persistence to give and not take

and keep my heart open and my mind awake

So despite the fight sometimes to keep a smile on my face

I know I am covered in a warm blanket of grace

And so as I drift off  to sleep again, in my cosy bed

A soft melody of loving and being loved, now plays in my head 🙂


1 thought on “What does Yoga mean to me?

  1. Love and yoga… Says it all.

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